A Little Give and Take

Driving in Managua is like driving in a Crash Derby, but hopefully without the crash. People just go where they can go; wherever there is some open space. Well, not just people, but horse and carts, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, taxis, humans and then there are the cars. Everyone and everything is everywhere all the time.… Continue reading A Little Give and Take


So here in Nicaragua you don’t actually have an address. You have directions. If you want to take a taxi or tell someone how to get to your house you have to use a well known landmark and then describe how many blocks you go North, South, East and West and any other lessor known… Continue reading Landmarks

Into the Light Nicaragua, an Introduction

  This blog is to support the efforts of Into the Light Jesus Centered Trauma Recovery Training Center in Nicaragua. My name is Karen Downing. I hold a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Trauma Recovery from Richmont Graduate University. I have been in fulltime ministry, pastoral counseling for the… Continue reading Into the Light Nicaragua, an Introduction

January 2015 Newsletter/He Gives and Takes Away

But in it all God is teaching me to trust at a deeper level. He is inviting me to let him do what he wants to do even when it hurts.